Travel and excursions through the mountains of Ecuador  from 2013-02-25 till 03-15,  partners Heinz Göbel (Altdorf) and  Edgar Nönnig                picasa-foto album
ascents: Rucu Pichincha (4694 m)  and  El Corazon  (4790 m)
hike in Cajas National Parc in atitude of 4000 m, near the town Cuenca                                                
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Our stations in Ecuador:

       most high-altitude capital in the midst of mountains till 4700 m altitude, old town World Hertage
El Chaupi:  small village 50 km south of Quito, 3500 m,  there we lodged  in the Hazienda San Jose
                      starting point for the rock  Illiniza Norte
Machachi:  town at the Panamericana, south of Quito, starting point for Cotopaxi and f.ex. El Corazon
Latacunga:  starting place for Cotopaxi, in viewing distance of the vulcano
Tungurahua (5016 m)
third largest  city in the south of the country, 2500 m high,  World Heritage,
                     from there bus to the Cajas National Park und to  Ingapirca
Ingapirca:   Inkatempel, important Inka site in Ecuador; parts of old Inka trails
Cajas National Park: 3100-4500 m high altitude landscapes of glacier lake - lagoons
Aloasi:       town at the spektacular railway line which run between a  heigth  diference of 700 m

at Pichincha 4695 m,
at Pichinca 4695 m,

El Corazon, 4790 m
El Corazon,  ascent

summit  Rucu Pichincha
summit photo El Corazon while beginning thunderstorm
view to Cotopaxi from El Corazon view to the vulcano Tungurahua (5016 m), which was beeing activ  (photo 2013-03-07)
real eruption: 4 days later 2013-03-11
Rumiñahui, 4721 m,  while mountaineering here a 34-year old woman from the area Altenburg Leipzig died tragically (akklimatisation) a few months earlier .
view to the rock Iliniza Norte, 5126 m, this mountain original  was planed  to climb from us. Because of snow falling we have not done it.  Without cover of snow it is regarded as "slightly".

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         Super photos:  Ecuador Pichincha  flickriver

           Tungurahua  recent vulcanic eruption on  2013-03-11  while our stay
                                 in Ecuador